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By Dr. Pamela Eernisse, D.P.M
March 31, 2013
Category: Deformity
Tags: Podiatrist   Oprah   Summer   Hammertoe   Bunions   Corrective Surgery  


oprah's feet

    With winter finally coming to an end, boots are coming off  and people are beginning to evaluate their feet for sandal season.  In your own post winter exam of your feet, did you find that they look like this??   Even Oprah is susceptible to bunion and hammertoe deformities as seen in the picture above.  These unsightly and painful conditions, are genetic and progressive in nature.  A bunion is the deviation of the big toe toward the second toe, which results in an unattractive protrusion on the side or  top of the foot.  Hammertoe is the curling of the toes downward or sideways that can manifest itself as ugly "corns" or bumps on the top or the side of the lesser toes.

     How often do you see a woman in a Prada dress and expensive Christian Louboutin shoes, whose image is tarnished by problematic feet?  At Michigan Avenue Podiatry in downtown Chicago, we specialize in treatment of these uncomfortable conditions.  Various types of taping, padding and insoles can alleviate pain and slow progression of these deformities.  Also, wearing shoes that are wider in the toe box and relatively unbendable in the sole will help.  However, to improve appearance and alleviate pain from these deformities, bunion and hammertoe surgery can be done.

    As board certified foot surgeons with 12 years experience, performing these outpatient procedures is routine.   With most types of reparative foot surgery, no crutches are needed, and short leg walking boots are worn for a 2-4 weeks postoperative period.  After which, patients slowly transition into their regular shoes and recovery is normally complete at 10-12 weeks, allowing patients to wear sandals and other types of shoes without pain, or the embarrassment of having unattractive feet.

Dr. Pamela Eernisse, DPM, ABPS board cerified foot surgeon

Dr Charlotte Covello, DPM, ABPS board cerified foot surgeon


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