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September 09, 2013
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Ankle sprains are very common among football, soccer, hockey, basketball, and volleyball players. They are almost inevitable in sports that involve jumping, running and turning quickly; these movements can lead to twisting the ankle and even possibly tearing a tendon or ligament. This pre-season alone, numerous NFL players, including Atlanta Falcons star Wide Receiver Roddy White, have fallen victim to ankle sprains.

Strengthening your ankles by doing exercises such as ankle lifts on stairs, as well as, taping the ankle or wearing a lace-up brace will go a long way in preventing ankle injuries. Wearing supportive shoes are key to preventing ankle injuries while off the field, ice or court. Although helpful, these measures in no way guarantee that you won't be injured if you fall hard or make a false movement.

You can treat an ankle sprains with RICE (Rest Ice Compression and Elevation) and anti-inflammatory drugs, but don't rest it excessively for more than a day. To help your ankle heal faster, you should try to move your ankle gently to get the circulation going and reduce swelling.

You know you need to see a doctor if you feel or hear a pop in the ankle when you hurt it. Additionally, if you experience significant swelling, bruising, or the inability to put weight on your ankle after an injury, that’s also a clear sign to go see a doctor. Even if you didn’t have a traumatic injury -let’s say you slightly tweaked it- if you are still having pain in that hurt ankle after six weeks, its time to have a medical professional take a look at it.  

Remember, taking the precautionary steps like ankle exercises, taping, and wearing supportive shoes, puts you one step closer to preventing ankle injuries!


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